we offer

We offer

you our money our experiences and our network.

Monkfish provides equity to fund your business opportunity.


Call it Seed, Series A/B, Early Stage, Angel or Venture Capital funding (we wouldn’t know the differences). What’s important for us is that our investment has an impact on your business (and your shareholding structure) and that you have an idea what the money is needed for.

If you are already happy with that – fine with us. Monkfish is not the intrusive type. Though you may want a sparring partner and challenge our experiences here and there. But of course, taking our history, we’re likely to be pretty useless for your Biotech project.

It’s primarily the Internet where we can add value:

Business development:
approaching B2B partners, building relations, contract negotiations, etc.

SEM, SEO, affiliate marketing, billboards, TV advertising, etc.

building up new markets, international marketing approaches, etc.

Investor management:
finding, approaching and working with investors, etc.

database-design, coding, building scalable technology platforms, etc.

Community management:
building and managing user communities, including users in company development, etc.


The approach is simple;


we stay silent until you give us a call or send an email. The more precise your problem description, the more specified the situation your team is in, the more impact our help can have. This is also where our network of professionals comes into play. Looking for the right guy to enhance the usability of your website? Which technology can boost your SEM account? Or want to make an app with a tiny budget?
Check with us first.

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