freedom for entrepreneurs

We are

four entrepreneurs that back the most exciting European startup teams in their early days.

We know what life is like.


As founders, we have raised (and spent) over 100 m € and experienced the full life-cycle of a startup, from idea generation to rapid growth (and decline) and successful exits. As investors, we reflect the experiences made. We offer lean terms, little requirements and a fast decision.

Most importantly we’re still fully engaged in our own business – just like you. As a result, we won’t waste your time and once we have invested, we will not call you for rapport. Instead, we will listen to your needs and assist you with our live experience from currently running one of the most successful European internet businesses.

We know what you want.



We look for

opportunities to invest in entrepreneurial teams with great ideas that need seed or growth capital to build up their ideas..



We offer you

our money, our experiences and our network.


Let´s talk

We like to be contacted through our network. Find someone we know and trust and who is willing to provide us with your business plan or your teaser.

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